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Born 1963 in Karlsruhe, South Germany, a city of diversified average, I spent a period near Frankfurt, but returned to Karlsruhe.
Now running my own studio in an artist village nearby. After years of travelling and a lot of portraits, I started exploring nudes
by camera with my tantric girlfriend. During that some aesthetics happened by chance, so I decided to follow.
It is fair to say that plenty of the published photographers have an influence and I have to thank them all.
Currently I’m fascinated of Bettina Rheims and Sascha Huettenhain.
Arranging exhibitions gives me adrenaline. I like to arouse emotions in the audience - it works!
A discreet style in B & W is my way to abstraction. Most people say they feel my respect when I show nudity, even in erotic situations.
Showing BDSM scenes to feminist psychotherapists was inspiring for both sides.Erotic art should make you love the person you see.
A perfect model?
She feels her body well, maybe through dance, yoga, etc.,
loves to express her different moods, is easy to inspire and knows to say `No`.
I prefer ladies in their own style and best models are able to communicate almost telepathic.
Most of my models are amateur and never posed before.
They find me via internet or we get in personal contact during expositions.
A joyful shooting and precisely individual pictures are my best recommendation.